Learning from Mary how to connect with others

Oct 12, 2020 | Guest Author

All these devoted themselves with one accord to prayer, together with some women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers” (Acts 1:14). In this scene, Mary is uniting the disciples who had dispersed days before. She gathers and unites the family. She is a specialist in networking with her Son’s followers, putting herself at the service of his mission in the middle of the world. Mary more than anyone else was deeply united to the feelings and desires of Jesus’ Heart. Thus she can today, as she always has, organize the friends of Jesus and bring them together for the service and mission of his Church and the challenges facing humanity.

Furthermore, as a good mother who looks after the needs of her children, Mary mends and can rebuild the network of our relationships so that it is a true network of prayer at the service of others and their needs. Mary is a servant of all, and she learned from Jesus how to renew what is old and unite the separated.

Mary, Star of the New Evangelization, moved by the Holy Spirit, was always available to her Son and to the mission of the Church. As a mother, she does not sleep and she takes us out of the sleep of indifference to start moving towards the needs of others. She can help us with our Daily Offering to be more available to her Son’s mission.

Mary is like the woman who sweeps the house to find the one who was lost (Luke 15:8-9 ). She is the generous widow, giving everything she has to the service of God and his children (Luke 21:1-4 ). Mary insists until God obtains the necessary grace for someone like the woman before the judge (Luke 18:1-8) She embodies all the virtues of these biblical women that Jesus highlights in his teachings. Let us seek to imitate our Mother, who accompanies us today and gives us the strength to be able to live this mission of compassion that was entrusted to us.

  • Angelica Moyano
    Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Argentina – Uruguay)


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