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Rev. Joseph Laramie, SJ
National Director

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Our Prayers for You

Because we are millions of people around the world who pray with Pope Francis for his monthly intentions, we have been called the world’s largest prayer group.  In homes, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons, we are united in prayer.  And because we pray for one another in the daily offering, there are millions of people praying for you and your intentions every day.

We believe in the power of prayer and so should you. As a small staff here at the USA offices of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, we pray daily for the Pope’s monthly intention and for the prayer requests that you send our way. Each day our communications coordinator reads the prayer request emails and records them to be shared with everyone on staff. In addition to our daily prayer we have staff Mass monthly that includes your prayer intentions in the petitions.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with prayer requests and to share with us when prayers are answers or graces are received. Stay close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, God bless you!

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