Prayer of the Month – November 2017

Oct 30, 2017 | Father Blazek SJ

To Mary, model of all disciples and bright Star of Evangelization, I entrust the Church in Asia at the threshold of the Third Millennium of the Christian era, trusting absolutely that hers is an ear that always listens, hers a heart that always welcomes, and hers a prayer that never fails…

O Holy Mary, Daughter of the Most High God, Virgin Mother of the Saviour and Mother of us all, look tenderly upon the Church of your Son planted on Asian soil. Be her guide and model as she continues your Son’s mission of love and service in Asia. You fully and freely accepted the Father’s call to be the Mother of God; teach us to empty our hearts of all that is not of God, that we too may be filled with the Holy Spirit from on high. You pondered the mysteries of God’s will in the silence of your heart; help us on our journey to discern the signs of God’s powerful hand. You went quickly to visit Elizabeth and help in her days of waiting; obtain for us the same spirit of zeal and service in our evangelizing task. You sang the praises of the Lord; lead us in joyful proclamation of faith in Christ our Savior. You had compassion on the needy and spoke to your Son on their behalf; teach us never to fear to speak of the world to Jesus and of Jesus to the world. You stood at the foot of the Cross as your Son breathed his last; be with us as we seek to be one in spirit and service with all who suffer. You prayed with the disciples in the Upper Room; help us to wait upon the Spirit and to go wherever he leads us.

Protect the Church from all the powers that threaten her. Help her to be a true image of the Most Holy Trinity. Pray that through the Church’s love and service all the peoples of Asia may come to know your Son Jesus Christ, the only Savior of the world, and so taste the joy of life in all its fullness. O Mary, Mother of the New Creation and Mother of Asia, pray for us, your children, now and always

— St. John Paul II


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We pray that the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick confer to those who receive it and their loved ones the power of the Lord and become ever more a visible sign of compassion and hope for all