7 Simple ways to pray with your children

Jan 17, 2018 | Philip Kosloski

Praying with children can be one of the most difficult tasks of a parent. It is an essential activity of family life that constantly changes and as children age and mature, parents are presented with new challenges every day.

To help provide clarity to parents who do not know where to start, Grace Urbanski, delivers a simple and easy-to-use guide for praying with children in her book, Pray with Me: Seven Simple Ways to Pray with Your Children.

Ave Maria Press summarizes the book in this way.

Grace Mazza Urbanski, [former] director of Children’s Ministry for the Apostleship of Prayer, gives parents practical advice on how to help children find opportunities to pray throughout the day. Using warmth, humor, and passion, Urbanski draws on personal experience to show how families are brought closer together through deeper contact with God.

There are opportunities for children to pray everywhere-when a friend gets hurt on the playground, before a test in the classroom, and even as they hear ambulance sirens while riding in the car with mom or dad-not just at meals and bedtime. In Pray with Me, Urbanski identifies seven ways that parents can help deepen their child’s relationship with God by using everyday life as a trigger for prayer. She shows how spontaneous prayer, traditional prayers you know by heart, scripture, song, silence, and reflection help families draw closer to God and each other.

Urbanski weaves personal stories with a heartfelt devotion to Christ to teach parents how to help their children learn to respond to life in prayer.

It is an amazing book and a beautiful treasure for any parent (or teacher) looking to teach children how to pray. Above all, Grace reminds parents that children learn by imitation. They pray in the way that we teach them and in the way that we (as parents) pray. They look to us for guidance and will follow us closely.

Grace goes into great detail in how to pray with children using the following seven methods:

  1. Praying Spontaneously
  2. Praying from Memory
  3. Praying with Scripture
  4. Praying with Song
  5. Praying with Silence
  6. Praying with Reflection
  7. Praying with the Apostleship of Prayer

For any parent or educator looking for practical ideas on how to pray with children, look no further than Grace Urbanski’s Pray with Me: Seven Simple Ways to Pray with Your Children.


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