Making spiritual resolutions for the New Year

December is often a time for many people to look forward to the New Year and decide on certain “resolutions.” These resolutions typically involve engaging (or refraining) in an activity that will help someone be a better person.

It’s a perfect time to examine your own spiritual life, discerning what habits could be adopted in the New Year. One habit to consider is devoting at least fifteen minutes to mental prayer every day.
Mental prayer is very simple, though not without its many distractions. It consists of a “heart-to-heart” with God, leaving time for talking and listening. God is extremely interested in what troubles you and what is going on in your life. Similar to how a parent is interested in the day of their child after school. God wants to know (even though he already knows) everything about your life.

The reason he wants to know your deepest desires is because it helps you draw closer to him. Just like any relationship, when you reveal to another person your feelings you start to share an invisible bond that can last a lifetime. By devoting even as little as fifteen minutes a day to mental prayer, we can cement that bond with Jesus Christ and be better prepared to encounter whatever the New Year may bring.