How the Eucharistic Youth Movement changed my life

Dec 16, 2019 | Guest Author

About 19 years ago I joined this beautiful family of the Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM) and have experienced a deep friendship with Jesus that unites us through simple gestures like sitting at the same table and sharing bread with each other. This movement has taught me to encounter the risen Jesus and learn to foster a deeper friendship with him.

Young people in EYM want to imitate the life of Jesus and mark society with his seal. They are true disciples who walk with Jesus and recognize him in the sick, in the most vulnerable of society and in their peers. This is the result of their weekly meetings in which the greatest model of love, Jesus, is held-up for all to see. Meetings, camps, conferences and missions are spaces for young people to learn how to love other people. In them we learn to know Jesus through the life of prayer and sharing in community. As a result, we commit ourselves to the call that Jesus Christ asks us to participate in his mission of compassion for the world.

The EYM is an invitation to live our vocation of baptism, recognizing that Jesus’ Resurrection transforms everything. Jesus Christ invites us to a Eucharistic life, participating in the Eucharist at Mass, but also mobilizing ourselves for the challenges of humanity and working for the dignity of all men and women.

  • Maritza Pérez Guzmán
    Pope’s Worldide Prayer Network (Chile)


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