Creating a daily habit of prayer

Jan 13, 2020 | Guest Author

I remember that, as a teenager, our weekly meeting in the Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM) always began, after the daily offering, with a review of how our week had gone and whether or not we were able to do the three moments of prayer proposed by the EYM. That weekly “exam” was intended to help us in the creation of habits and in the formation of our “attitude.”

With a new pedagogy, the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, including the Eucharistic Youth Movement, continues to propose three moments of prayer during the day:

  • The Daily Offering (with Jesus in the morning), as a commitment to live each day with love, at the service of others, finding Christ in each person.
  • In a moment of intimacy (with Jesus during the day), either in the celebration of the Eucharist or during a moment in the day where we have time to listen and talk with Jesus.
  • And, when the day is about to end (with Jesus at night), thanking God for the day and reviewing how you have let him act in your life and through you.

Let us not fail to encourage, in children and young people, the creation of the habit of this daily rhythm of prayer. Let’s start our meetings with one of these three moments.

This daily rhythm will help to create a proper “attitude,” conforming our hearts to God and working as a disciple to bring the Kingdom of God  into the world through our concrete acts.

  • David Fornieles
    Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Spain)


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