Daily offering our lives to God

May 18, 2020 | Guest Author

The Second Vatican Council highlighted the priestly dimension of our Baptism by stating that the ordinary actions of our daily lives can be offered to the Father “Together with the offering of the Lord’s body…in the celebration of the Eucharist,” and so we consecrate the world to God (Lumen Gentium, 34). This statement highlighted the secret that the Apostleship of Prayer, today the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, discovered more than a century ago!

Prayer, more than a bunch of words, is to put yourself in the presence of God and keep yourself in his happy company, like a son in the presence of his father. Prayer is similar to how a father, even while he is working, casts loving eyes on the little boy who looks up to him.

This is how our presence before the Father must be, consecrated with our Daily Offering. It is a continuous presence, sometimes strengthened by a prayer, by a pious thought, or an edifying reading, as Click To Pray offers us.

Seeking this way of prayer, we will be “the perfume of Christ, the leaven of the Kingdom, the glory of the Gospel” for the world, as stated by the Bishops of Brazil.

  • Maria Portela
    (Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network – Portugal)


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