Mary can teach how us to be united with the Heart of Jesus

Aug 10, 2020 | Guest Author

Mary welcomed Jesus into her heart and it became a peaceful dwelling for the divine. There are times when our hearts resemble a divided house with many rooms: one for work, one for prayer, one for human relations, another for relaxation, etc. Each one well defined so that we leave one and enter another, forgetting the one we left a moment ago.

Mary, on the other hand, resembles a unified house, where the place of prayer, work, rest or any activity are carried out in this unique environment of constant relationship with God. If you eat, you do it with Jesus; if you rest, it is with Jesus; if you work, it is for God’s glory.

Jesus desires unity above all things, “Father, that they may be one, as we are one, I in them and you in me” (John 17:22-23). Mary is not divided, her interior dwelling has no divisions, no gaps, no absences that are without God. She is a “eucharistic” woman par excellence, where she lives in constant thanksgiving, grateful for her Beloved who inhabits her and makes her happy.

We need to learn from her the art of inner unity, which is reflected in our way of being in the world, a world that specializes in division. That is why going to Mary becomes an imperative need, if we do not want to lose ourselves in pieces.

Like Mary, our identity is to be one with the one who inhabits us, no matter what we do. May the art of “being” have primacy over doing in our lives. Multiple activities may happen, but in the midst of them all we remain in God. Only love will give us that indissoluble and indivisible consistency. This love makes us one with God, with ourselves, with our brothers and sisters and with the universe that surrounds us.

Christ calls us to be united in him, many members, but one body; many occupations, but a dwelling without divisions.

  • Angélica Moyano
    Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Argentina – Uruguay)


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