What spiritual lessons can we learn from COVID-19?

Aug 17, 2020 | Guest Author

Even with the great capacity for adaptation that the human being is endowed with, what we have experienced this year has not stopped surprising us. With regard to the pandemic we are experiencing, many come to my mind.

Are we really going through a universal event? Living between radically different countries allows you to notice what distinguishes them culturally, socially, economically or religiously. Surprisingly, today there is a topic that can help start a conversation between almost any two human beings. Can we use it to get closer? Or are we afraid to connect?

Are we relearning how to care for others and our common home? The Christian is called to sacrifice so that others may have life. Saving others at this point also involves taking care of yourself and defending yourself against the virus. Can we take care of nature and relationships with those we come across where we are? Or are we indifferent to the resources we have at our disposal, possibly leading to scarcity elsewhere?

Are we listening to our heart’s deepest desires? When our routine changes radically, we do not just deprive ourselves of what we would like to do, but the opportunity arises to bring about new forms of work and even greater availability for prayer. Are we taking advantage of this time, allowing God to strengthen us for greater service, love and praise? Or do we still not recognize our destiny is that peace and joy we will experience with God our Father in Heaven?

  • Madalena Mariz
    Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Portugal)


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