A mission of love and joy

Sep 21, 2020 | Guest Author

To speak of mission in the Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM), is to first recognize that it is a pillar, it is what supports and strengthens the house, a fundamental pillar that sustains the spirituality of the movement. There are different mission activities carried out by the youth throughout the world, but in reality I would like to highlight the source from which each of the youth’s desire to serve is born.

The objective of this foundational “mission” is this: “To collaborate in the mission of Christ, at the service of the needs and challenges of humanity.” I believe that to collaborate with someone, we must be convinced of the proposal and the ideals that he possesses. For this mission to be realized in each young person, they must first know Christ in order to understand what is in his heart.

The question that arises then is: How is it possible in the EYM to share the ideals of Christ? From my experience, it begins in prayer, and finding God in everything around us. In the EYM we have several tools for that encounter, for example, the three moments of prayer and Click To Pray. Prayer helps to listen to Christ, to know him and to understand his proposals and ideals, moving us to encounter others and accompany others. Understanding this leads us to become his “thirteenth apostle.” Thus, there is no mission without solid faith and a knowledge of Christ’s own mission.

We are further equipped for this mission by listening to the Word of God and sharing at his table in the Eucharist. This gives us a profound joy from Jesus Christ to encounter others in love. May Jesus in the Eucharist continue to inspire in each of the members of this great family, empathy and love for others, and the ability to recognize the joy that comes from being in solidarity with those who need us most.

  • Nelson Torres
    Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (EYM Paraguay)


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