Entering into a vibrant relationship with Jesus

Dec 14, 2020 | Guest Author

During his pontificate, Pope Francis has constantly called us to back to what is essential for our lives as disciples: a vibrant relationship with Jesus the Lord. This relationship needs to be nourished in order to deepen and last. When we think of the word “nourishment” we think about being fed. It’s an interesting phrase to use when we connect it with relationship. What feeds a good relationship? The first thing is spending time with the person, even wasting time to get to know one another. The second thing that builds up relationship is sharing our stories and having conversations which lead to deep trust.

A person of prayer enjoys wasting time with the Lord, sometimes chatting and at other times just being there and listening. Half of the time our prayer is just about turning up! We can also get to know the Lord through prayerfully reflecting on his Word, where we become familiar with his story, the story of how he is always there for His people and calls us to life. We can engage in the ancient practice of “lectio divina” and have a conversation with him about how his Word relates to our lives today with all its ups and downs.  Let us pray that we may have the courage to pray, and that our relationship with Jesus becomes more and more real.

  • Patricia Carroll
    Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Ireland)


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