Placing our pain and sorrow into the Heart of Jesus

Apr 19, 2021 | Philip Kosloski

In the book, Meditations on the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, the author reminds the reader that the same love that motivated Jesus to heal the sick is still present in his Sacred Heart. We often forget that Jesus loves us today, in the present moment, and wants to be with us, to heal our soul!

Too often we put up barriers and do not let Jesus’ love into our lives. While it can be easy to relate to Jesus our joys, we sometimes keep the pain inside, not letting anyone in. We must resolve to relate to God everything that is in our soul, especially the pain and sorrow, to experience his healing touch.

“[You] ought practically to make this divine Heart your only place of refuge in all the wants of your heart. You have not done so, since this loving Heart has been the last to which you have had recourse. Had you practically believed that in this divine Heart there was a true remedy for all your temptations, fits of melancholy, doubts and weaknesses, you would not have sought it from creatures, from your senses, and even from your passions.—Examine yourself with sincerity on the wrongs you have done in this to the most tender and powerful of all hearts, and begin immediately to repair them.” (Meditations on the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ)

Above all, we need to open our heart to God, giving him everything. We can find true and lasting healing when we do this.

“Open your whole heart to the heart of Jesus, relate to it your pains, your wounds, your wants. He knows not how to resist a heart that is [open], be it but anxious and confiding.” (Meditations on the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ)

Begin or end each day simply talking with God, pouring out to him your pain and sorrow. Use the prayers from our app, Click To Pray, for guidance. Let everything flow out of your heart and into the Heart of Jesus.


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