Putting the Human Person at the Center

May 11, 2021 | Guest Author

Pope Francis sets his sights this May on those responsible in the financial world and on their collaboration with governments, in order to regulate the world of finance. In the background of this intention is the protection of citizens: the human person.

Reading it briefly and without delving into it, it might seem that the intention of this month is somewhat distant for most of us, that we are neither responsible for the financial world, nor members of the governments. But, as in all the intentions that Pope Francis proposes to us each month, there are many concrete things we can do.

To focus the topic, it may be necessary to look at the human person’s key role. People are, ultimately, the center and the key to every intention. Pope Francis speaks to us, frequently, of economy and finance as an occasion for meeting, dialogue, the recognition of rights and the provision of services. This month’s challenge invites us to reflect and look at life itself in relation to this issue, from a double perspective.

In the first place, it draws our attention in relation to ourselves and invites us to review our behavior (our “small” corruptions, such as taxes and tax evasions) our consumption, our “throwaway culture”, our obedience, sometimes blind, to the invisible hand of the market, to name a few. We are neither objects nor consumer goods. Pope Francis invites us, with this intention, to reorder our use of money and power.

Second, it is also an invitation to review our dynamics and relationships with others: do we put the person before the economy and money? Are we altruistic or utilitarian? Do our daily choices help to promote social good, offering development opportunities to all? In short, are our actions aimed at leaving no one behind, not ruling out any of our brothers and sisters? Do we really live a generous and disinterested solidarity, putting our goods at the service of the common good?

To be able to carry out this program, a profound renewal of our hearts (conversion) is undoubtedly necessary. Let us ask, during this month, for this personal conversion, while we pray and mobilize so that those in charge of the financial world and governments put all their efforts in fighting against imbalances, in collaboration between local and international entities that work in favor of the eradication of poverty, aid for housing, school, electricity and drinking water, and to work for a dignified life for everyone, from children to the elderly.

David Fornieles
National Coordinator
EYM – Spain


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