Prayer gives consistency to life

May 18, 2021 | Guest Author

Prayer changes us and transforms us. Praying is an encounter, and when the encounter is true and authentic, we come out of it transformed. In prayer we give permission to the Lord to take what is ours and give it back to us according to His will. “When one prays, everything acquires ‘depth.’ This is interesting in prayer, perhaps something subtle begins but in prayer that thing acquires depth, it becomes weighty, as if God takes it in hand and transforms it.” (Pope Francis)

Praying is a personal encounter with the Lord in which we do not detach ourselves from our reality so that the Lord may magically resolve it, but on the contrary, we give what we carry in our hearts, accepting what the Lord wants to give us and in the way that He wants it. That is why to pray is to bring our own life to prayer and when we leave it, it is to bring to life what we experience in prayer. In this sense, prayer gives consistency to life and what we live brings flesh and reality to prayer.

Thus, we not only meet the Lord in the moments in which we are alone with Him, in the silence and solitude of prayer, but in every moment of the day, in what we experience, because the Lord not only it welcomes our experiences in prayer, but welcomes us in the reality that we live. God comes out to meet us where we are and in what we do. Praying is a continuous journey, it is a way of being, a style of living, because it is to be in Him and with Him at every moment, in the solitude of prayer, and in the routine of work where He awaits us and welcomes us. Praying is being with Him and in Him to be more and more like Him.

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