How to love your spouse from day one

Jun 21, 2021 | Guest Author

The vocation to marriage is a mystery from beginning to end, as it is the union of love of two people in union with God. Being in love changes lives, seeing things from a new perspective. However, gradually this infatuation must step into mature and stronger love, grounded in Jesus Christ.

During the dating and engagement period, we get to know that person better “who we believe is the one.” It is a time of walking together and preparing for a life-long commitment. It’s not about testing! It is not a game! Dating is meant to be a step on the path to marriage.

Here are some keys to loving your spouse from day one of your marriage and even before that day.

  1. Respect and love your spouse, even before you meet him/her.
  2. Pray for your spouse.
  3. Look at him/her with respect and tenderness
  4. Act with transparency.
  5. Treat him/her with kindness and respect.
  6. Pray and service together.
  7. Share time and communicate, alone and eventually with your children. Build history together.
  8. Always be friends.
  9. Take care of your bodies, which are temples of God.
  10. Never forget your spouse, or push him/her away, because of the fatigue and stress of work.

Always allow the Lord to guide your vocation. Look at your spouse tenderly and treat him/her with love; so that your love lasts and is built upon faith and hope. Take care of and love your spouse before you meet him/her, so that when you do meet, you will give thanks to God for his graces.

  • Diego Martinez
    National Coordinator
    Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Guatemala)


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