Allow yourself to be transformed

Aug 9, 2021 | Blog Articles

Being born again means dying to something. Every transformation requires a process of death and crisis that opens us up to a new birth. There is no life without death, there is no beginning of something new without the old coming to an end. Meetings and farewells, tasks that conclude and others that begin; openings and closings.

Jesus’ life is a complete expression of this cycle of death and rebirth. His sacrifice on the cross clearly showed how life comes through sacrifice. Every death is a crisis, a loss, and a time of sorrow; but at the same time it is an opportunity to achieve a transformation, a change. That is why when the Pope speaks to us about the reform of the Church, we are invited to enter into the logic of dying to impediments that block the transformation of the heart and community life under the action of the Spirit of the Lord.

What must we die to, to be born to the newness of the Lord?

We must die to a mentality that prevents the transformation of the heart. We have to embrace new ways of living the Gospel, placing Jesus at the center of our spiritual experience, without clinging to external forms that do not encounter the modern world. The Spirit of the Lord continues to inspire us in new ways, for life is movement and change. We must unite the history of grace and spiritual treasure that is entrusted to us. We must allow the Spirit to inspire us to collaborate with Jesus in his mission of compassion. We must be bold to try new paths and to be free from methods that are no longer effective means of evangelization.

This month I can ask in prayer, “Jesus, how do you call me to deepen my faith? How can you strengthen my faith, and lead me to bring you with others? Let us accompany Pope Francis this month with the offering of our own personal conversion, “Let us pray for the Church, that She may receive from the Holy Spirit the grace and strength to reform herself in the light of the Gospel.”

Bettina Raed

Click To Pray International Coordinator
Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network (Argentina - Uruguay)


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