Cultivating a culture of mercy

Aug 16, 2021 | Blog Articles

Through the Way of the Heart spiritual pathway, we are called to meditate on the great love of the Father who gave us his Son as our Redeemer, despite our own weaknesses. He sent his Son when we were still sinners. Inspired by this example of selfless love for us, we are motivated to love our neighbors, even our enemies.

Pope Francis in his Apostolic Letter Misericordia et Misera invites us to grow a “culture of mercy,” in which no one is put aside in their material or spiritual needs, but, on the contrary, the other is rediscovered and valued in their uniqueness.

This culture of mercy encourages us to be committed to the poor in providing both material goods, but also spiritual needs. Our commitment is not supposed to be mass-produced, but handcrafted to each person, as the suffering of each human being is individual. In this work, an openness to the action of the Holy Spirit will be necessary for strengthening and discernment in our actions of mercy.

After contemplating the Heart of Jesus, we are inspired to be more merciful towards our brothers and sisters on the journey. We must cultivate this culture of mercy, so that we can live in his company for all eternity.


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