Our Lady of the “Yes”

Mar 22, 2022 | Blog Articles

Mary teaches us how to say “Yes” to God and “No” to sin.

On March 25 we celebrate the feast of the Annunciation. The Angel Gabriel invites Mary to be the Mother of God. Mary says “Yes” and accepts Jesus into her life. That word is so simple and yet powerful word. “Yes” is one of the first words that we learn as children.

What is this Yes of Our Lady? With one word, she places her whole life in the hands of God, forgetting about herself to fulfill the plan of the Father. From her Yes, was born the Word of God, Jesus Christ. Our Lady could have said No; she could have turned her back on God’s plan and continued her life as it was. She said Yes, and lived Yes her whole life– even in the face of danger and suffering.

In our lives, we make decisions and give answers to questions. In daily life we often move so fast and without thinking. Yes or No? We must say No to sin each day, so that we can say Yes to God. How do I say Yes to my family and friends? What do I say to God? Perhaps I say, “Not now. I’m busy. Maybe later. I don’t know.”

We pray that we may say Yes like Mary. With her, we listen to the voice of God, say No to sin, and say Yes from our hearts.

  • Catarina Leão
    Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Portugal)


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