Engaging in a dialogue with the Lord

May 23, 2022 | Blog Articles

Nothing escapes or is left out of our personal relationship with the Lord; our dialogue with him includes everything. With him everything is transformed.

What do we fill our prayer with? How do we pray? Prayer is a space and a time with the Lord, a personal and close encounter with him. Prayer takes place in a dialogue in which we open our hearts and show the Lord what we carry inside: our gratitude, hopes, wishes, concerns, work, and sorrows. Everything that happens in our life can be brought to this encounter. Our experiences become a pathway to enter into that dialogue: giving thanks, praising, offering and sharing. Prayer is dialogue; we love the Lord and he loves us. The Lord carries us in his Heart and he dwells in our hearts: wherever we go and wherever we are. Our life is filled with prayer and what we bring to this dialogue is transformed, opened to hope and God’s grace.

To pray, to enter into dialogue with the Lord, is to direct our senses, our thoughts, our whole being towards the Lord, turning ourselves completely over to him. To pray is to open ourselves and our hearts to God, listening to the Lord in silence and in his Word, as well as seeing him in his creatures, discovering him in the love and affection that comes to us through others. Praying is a dialogue, it is communicating to God, giving him our love and receiving his love.

Click To Pray can help you to cultivate this dialogue with the Lord, through the materials that it brings to you each month: The three moments of prayer, the monthly prayer, the proposal of attitudes for your daily life, and the campaigns and proposals to deepen your time of meditation. Choosing what helps you the most and adding it to your daily agenda, you will be able to pray in the midst of your daily life and bring to it what you experience in these simple encounters with the Lord. Nothing escapes or is left out of our personal relationship with the Lord, dialogue with him receives everything and everything is transformed.

  • Bettina Raed
    International Coordinator Click To Pray


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