For Families – June 2022 Pope Video

Jun 7, 2022 | Pope Video

When things are going well for you, or when they aren’t going so well, there’s a place where you always know that you will find the love you need: your family. The Pope is dedicating his prayer intention to the family for the second month in a row, precisely as the World Meeting of Families draws near.

And he does it reminding us that “The family is the place where we learn to live with one another, to live with young people and with those who are older”. He also reminds us of the difficulties that may arise, since “there are always ‘buts.’” Nonetheless, at these moments of difficulty “the Lord is there and accompanies us, helps us, and corrects us,” reminding us that “family love is a personal path of holiness for each one of us.” Join the Pope’s prayer and share his intention with your family.


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