For the abolition of the death penalty – September 2022 Pope Video

Sep 1, 2022 | Pope Video

There are many reasons to say “NO” to the death penalty. It is not a just punishment, since it “offers no justice to victims, but rather foments revenge… And it prevents any possibility of correcting a possible miscarriage of justice.” It’s morally inadmissible, because “it destroys the most important gift we have received: life.” And, as Francis reminds us, “in the light of the Gospel, the death penalty is unacceptable.” Let us not remain indifferent in the face of laws which, in some parts of the world, still allow the death penalty. Let us join the Holy Father in his prayer intention by sharing this video.

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  1. Peter M. Murray

    Thank you for the many reminders of the wide, broad scope of our wonderful Catholic faith. The videos of our Holy Father Francis commenting on his monthly intentions are particularly appreciated.

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