For children who suffer – November Pope Video

Nov 2, 2022 | Pope Video

In his November video, brought to you by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, Francis invites us to pray for the “millions of boys and girls who suffer and live in conditions very similar to slavery,” and he asks us to open our eyes to “the exploitation of these children who don’t have a right to play, to study, to dream. They don’t even enjoy the warmth of a family. They don’t even have the warmth of a family.” “Those who are homeless, orphans, and victims of war”: the world is full of children without a childhood, and each of them – the Pope says in this video – is “a cry that rises up to God and shames the system that we adults have built.”


  1. Julia Karen, FMA

    Viva Gesu, Thank you Holy Father for remembering these children.
    May we all be enlightened by the Holy Spirit… work together… and build…. a just society.
    Praying for your good health and for all the intentions you have. Stay blessed Holy Father.

  2. Ronald Gerard

    I pray for everyone and all the poor and hungry and all the the faithfully Departed.

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