We want to say, Thank you! – Fridays from the Heart

It’s the season of Thanksgiving, and we want to say thank you!

This Giving Tuesday, November 29th, we’re asking you to remember the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network. Your gifts support outreach to the elderly, young people, prisoners, and so many more.

2 comments on “We want to say, Thank you! – Fridays from the Heart

  1. I will be sending in a donation by snail mail this month. It was so good to see Father Kubicki and Father Laramie together. You are both remembered by name in my Morning Offering each day. I first learned about the Apostleship of Prayer as a schoolgirl in Catholic school around 1954 – a long time ago! It has been a part of my spiritual life for well over 60 years. Thank you both for all you have done and are doing to spread devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Morning Offering.

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