The Eucharist in the EYM

Jul 26, 2023 | Blog Articles

In the EYM we learn from a young age that, at every Mass we celebrate, we encounter Jesus in the Eucharist, learning his style and the dimensions of his love, so that in turn we can become visible signs of his presence in the world and of his fidelity to humanity. The Eucharist that we receive is capable of communicating to us a dynamism that drives openness, sharing, and mercy that brings about a profound and progressive transformation of our life. This helps us to be generous and available, with the desire to offer ourselves entirely and spend our lives for love, without reservations or calculations.

For a boy or a girl of the EYM, becoming eucharistic men and women means allowing the Lord to transfigure all of their lives: prayer, study, work, relationships, goals, desires and choices. In fact, a radical change of perspective occurs when one realizes that God has chosen to become, in a piece of bread, so concretely close to humanity. In each Eucharist, the distance that exists between us and that Love is shortened and, thanks to the power that is communicated to us, it becomes possible, little by little, to grow in closeness to our brothers, in compassion and in forgiveness.

We will never stop exploring this mystery. Jesus is a great friend and companion to turn to in the tiring moments of life, finding support in him in our difficulties. Jesus truly transforms us into Himself through the Eucahrist! And this assimilation to Him takes us to a new dimension that radically changes our perspectives and profoundly transforms us, allowing us to progressively overcome our usual ideas of happiness and sadness, success and failure, friends and enemies, health and illness, life and death. In Christ and with Him we walk a path that has precisely and only the name of Love.

Benedetta Longhi 
Eucharistic Youth Movement (Italy)


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