The first love that sustains us

Jan 17, 2024 | Blog Articles

Many pages have been written about love. And it will always be a topic to which we pay attention and give time, because – consciously or not – we seek to love and be loved. 

This deep desire is present from our origin. We are beings created by love and for love, regardless of the way we were conceived. Being created by love gives us the ability to love as He loves us and is the way we are loved.

“This is what love consists of, not that we have loved God but that He first loved us.” (1 John 4:10) The Lord always has open arms to welcome us. His love is eternal and without conditions and he offers it to us without asking us for any merit. 

The love of the Lord sustains us. In every stage of our life, in the sweet and bitter moments, in the joyful and the sad. In difficult decisions and changes, he accompanies us and also speaks to us through the people who appear along the way, in the concrete things that we live. There is the Lord manifesting his love! It is a personal love, it is not generic, but it bears our name and last name. His love is a hug that began in the womb of our mother and will be eternal. 

If due to some circumstances in life you lose sight of that endearing love that is the driving force in your life, that inhabits you and surrounds you, pause, regain calm, close your eyes, and reconnect with what has touched you in your day. From within you will flow, like a spring, an inexhaustible source of the presence of Love. Love, more than a concept and reflection, is an experience that we live with our entire being in communion with the one who loved us first, with our brothers and with everything created. This experience opens us to gratitude and giving of the love received.

Open your heart and let yourself be loved. Only by being loved by God can we thank and love others.

Step One The Way of the Heart – Editorial Team


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