Losing Your Life in Order to Gain it in Its Entirety 

Mar 27, 2024 | Blog Articles

“How far are we willing to live life to the fullest? What is the measure of our commitments? Have you ever thought about whether there is anything in this world for which you are willing to give up your life in exchange?

While we may not often encounter scenarios demanding the sacrifice of our lives, life does present instances where we must give up something cherished or valuable to safeguard another value. It’s not far-fetched to acknowledge that repeated acts of renunciation may eventually create a sense of giving one’s life for what we are giving up. What is certain is that the force propelling us towards such sacrifices is the profound love we harbor for someone or something. 

Love moves us, and through love we are capable of great sacrifices” (Step 7 The Way of the Heart).

We continue on our journey with the challenge proposed to us by the Pope this month: to pray for the martyrs of our time who are witnesses to the Gospel. In the light of Step 7 of The Way of the Heart “We lay down our lives with Him”, we can meditate on our own self-giving, the way we live the small sacrifices of each day, the love and dedication we put into our daily routines. The small martyrdoms of ordinary life can be those pearls with which to thread the necklace of a life given out of love. And what is the gain? None in the logic of this world, for to renounce is to lose, to give up, to leave oneself for others. But in the logic of Jesus Christ “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” (Matthew 16:25). Surrender is loss, renunciation is loss, martyrdom is loss, but only in the loss of one’s own interest, of one’s own life, will we find Life in Christ.

“What rejoices in the one who is rejected by the world because of Christ? He rejoices that he has found something more valuable than the whole world. For ‘what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and ruins his own life’ (Mk 8:36)? What advantage is there?” (Pope Francis).

Pope Francis tells us that “Poverty of spirit, weeping, meekness, thirst for holiness, mercy, purification of heart and works of peace can lead to persecution for Christ’s sake, but this persecution in the end is a cause of joy and great reward in heaven.”

Let us take time in the remaining days of this month to change our hearts, to grow in poverty of spirit and meekness through the “little martyrdoms” of everyday life. Let us allow ourselves to be inspired by those who give their lives for the Gospel; the attitudes for daily life proposed by Click To Pray can also help us.

Let us pray that those who in various parts of the world risk their lives for the Gospel may infect the Church with their courage and missionary zeal.

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