Wedding Feast at Cana

May 19, 2024 | Blog Articles

Jocelyn leads a reflection on the Wedding Feast at Cana– as Mother Mary takes notice of the couple running out of wine, Asking Jesus to take care of it, and Him hearing this request from his mother. Then giving the gift of the miracle and it being an even greater gift than those there could’ve expected! Jocelyn also shares the current ways in which the Lord asks her to trust in Him and how the gift of His love comes in abundance and with an abundant sense of peace.

Fr Joe discusses how we will be meeting again next week, May 23rd, and again on Thursday, October 3rd! 3pm central time, same Zoom link!

Join us again next week! We will reflect on The Lord’s Death on the Cross, and how we can continue to pray with each other and for each other throughout the summer!


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