For Migrants Fleeing Their Homes – Monthly Prayer

May 31, 2024 | Blog Articles

Loving Father, who welcomes all your sons and daughters: We pray to you today for the migrants who flee from war or hunger. May they find welcome and new opportunities in the countries that receive them. For hospitality is an expression of love, of that dynamism of openness that inspires us to pay attention to others, to seek the best for their lives. But we know that immigrants are often seen as usurpers who have nothing to offer, and so this leads to the simplistic belief that the poor are dangerous and useless while the powerful are generous benefactors. Teach us to be a Church as a “field hospital”. to live an ever better way of welcoming, to promote a culture of welcome, that protects and integrates; to think and develop an open world, to not judge the usefulness of the person, but to see the value in itself that the person represents. And that the different countries of the world be able to think not only as a country, but also as a human family, because only a social and political culture that incorporates gratuitous acceptance can have a future. Amen


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